Clinton/Trump Debate

21.05: Wow it’s so weird seeing them shake hands

21.06: Kudos to Lester the moderator from the beginning for talking well about the “two realities” of the 21st century American economy

21.07: Background looks like a Sunday show

21.08: Good work by Clinton talking about her granddaughter right off the bat. And she lays out the different positions she has to, each of which reaches a different interest group among those that comprise the Democratic Party

21.08: She seemed to stumble but recovered well

21.09: Trump’s trade/economic arguments are just true enough to be appealing

21.09: Trump going all in on jobs to start

21.10: Republicans are still faithfully in love with tax cuts

21.12: Clinton still can’t make a good case that tax cuts to the wealthy are not a good or popular idea

21.12: Breaks through a little when she hits Trump’s background in association with his desire to cut taxes

21.13: For instance, as referenced at 21:09, Trump’s right to stress how smart China is

21.16: Really glad Clinton’s willing and able to remind us how awfully the Republicans mismanaged the financial crisis, and oh yeah Donald’s a true-red Republican (he loves tax cuts). Also good that’s she’s effectively talking about his deficits and his craziness. She’s citing experts flagrantly (the establishment way to tell a lie) to support her, then she moves to the environment and talking about the astonishing R climate change denial and how we can create a shitload of jobs through clean energy

21.18: “I’ve tried to be really specific” says Hillary, good line for her

21.19: Here’s what Dems need to say about the deficit “Barack Obama walked into work for the first time as President and was handed a file that detailed the deficit – $1.5 trillion; he’s gotten it down to $300 billion, that’s a pretty big reduction.”

21.25: Hillary endured some vicious and effective attacks from Trump (he’s undoubtedly a Republican because he’s humping tax cuts all over the place), but she finally summoned a good defense of raising taxes on rich people

21.26: Trump just said something weird about ISIS

21.26: Thank you Lester for laying out a few facts. Trump just said the wealthy are going to create more jobs. Is that really what people want to hear?

21.28: Trump kind of has a good point. Why can’t a President just sit down with other powerful people and make a few deals? Has a lot of common sense to it. But the question is – why is Trump the guy who should do it for us?

21.29: Not a good comment from Trump – “why not” blame Hillary for everything. His supporters don’t want to be told they’re behind a candidate who’s running as a joke

21.30: Trump needs to stop being a dick. It works for awhile, but that’s his only setting


21.33: Thank you Lester, please remind him again that this auditing reason for not releasing his tax returns is BS. Please someone say something, what is Hillary doing?

21.34: Hillary has to talk

21.36: Glad she said he didn’t have as much money as he says

21.36: Also glad she admitted making a mistake on the emails, it takes her too long to admit mistakes

21.45: Trump seemed to be making big plays, but Hillary stalled his momentum and took a long turn.

21.46: Good answer from Clinton on race

21.47: Trump is a weird patchwork of past Republican figures – law and order, tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts rollback regs rollback regs, with some Buchanan and Wallace thrown in; his contribution to the canon is TV savviness

21.48: Stop and frisk is a serious policy proposal, but great great follow up from Lester – it is unconstitutional

21.51: Glad Clinton is talking about how a lot of black people are pretty impressive and/or live dignified lives

21.53: Criminal justice reform is a good issue for her – and by all means let’s keep slamming private prisons, oh yeah gun safety is also an important thing – and thank you for finally stressing anti-terrorism as a serious reason for doing so

21.55: Trump agreeing with Clinton on anything makes him look weak

21.56: Can Clinton please remind him of all the terrible things he’s said?

21.57: Wish she had said that Bloomberg endorsed her

21.59: Glad Clinton got that line about preparing to be president in as a last word

22.00: Birther stuff! This explanation from Trump is taking too long. Once again, thank you Lester for asking some good follow up questions

22.03: Yes thank you Lord she’s calling him a liar for all the racist birther BS. I thought she should’ve dropped the l-bomb earlier but her waiting longer helped enhance it, then she tied it directly to the Justice Department investigation of his past housing discrimination

22.04: “They go low, we go high.” Great line. Plus Obama actually used to get high

22.05: Donald’s line about how her primary campaign in 2008 against Obama was bitter is lame

22.06: Congrats Donald, you opened an inclusive club in Florida. Really wish Clinton had made fun of him for thinking that that is something that qualifies you to be president

22.08: Cybersecurity is a good area for Hillary to talk and, more importantly, be tough on Russia. Also liked the probing line – good Signs reference. And good work to get the “Donald invited Russia to hack us” (paraphrase) line in.

21.21: Not sure that Sean Hannity is going to resonate as a character witness

22.23: She’s saved her laughing for the end. I like that she used it and I like that she waited until the end to do so. Now she’s doing well to talk about how supportive NATO was after 9/11

22.24: The context on the Iran sanctions is much appreciated. Also “that’s diplomacy” is a good line. “Without firing a shot” is another good point. And thank you God for pointing out that shooting down another country’s soldiers for taunting your soldiers is an idiotic, useless, and dangerous approach

22.25: Wait do you mean the person who wins this election has the power to deploy nukes?

22.26: Glad she repeated the good convention line about tweets and nuclear weapons. Also she finally interrupted him back!!

22.26: The US is the best-funded Mafia in the history of the world under Trump in 2018 – just one possible future

22.29: Trump’s criticism of Obama’s foreign policy – it didn’t solve every world problem and the Iran Deal has destroyed everything we hold dear

22.30: Hillary really trying to take the high road against Trump here

22.31: “Only secret is that he has no plan” is a good one near the finish

22.34: Hillary is on-point nailing him on the “stamina” BS. She has gone all over the world. And the applause is perfect

22.35: Hey and one last punch for his sexism!! Good for her for not letting him off the stage without answering to that. And his response is some nonsense about commercials and Rosie O’Donnell

22.37: Trump is now whining about negative ads. He’s so tough, so much stamina he has

22.58: Hillary was so well-prepared tonight. That is a cliche about her and it’s a cliche for a reason. Not only was she well-equipped with a good array of facts, which she utilized well, she also paced her speaking (and conversely his speaking) effectively. At first, I thought she let him go on for too long at a time and wasn’t challenging his falsities enough. But that extended talking early wore Donald out a bit (reminder: he’s 70) and got him breathless. From then on he was a little behind on his responses and a little more on edge. Eventually he got more and more incoherent. She saved her best lines for last. Nothing has been well-predicted in this election, but my sense is that she won this round.


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