He’s Back, Ctd.

A dissenting view from the delightfully crass and excellent Drew Magary. Money quote (NSFW):

If you cast aside all the “I’m coming home” shit, what you have is a story of the NBA’s best player ditching a loyal group of aging teammates for a bigger salary and a franchise with better and younger talent and more maneuverability under the salary cap. From a basketball perspective, it was a cold decision—a smart call, and one that LeBron has every right to make, but one that under normal circumstances would touch the very center of [Adrian Wojnarowski]’s g-spot, what with its overtones of greed and disloyalty. LeBron sold himself better this time, though. The optics were good. He put on a great show, the drama critics all agreed.

He’s 100 percent right in his evocations of NBA drama as performance art.

For my own take click here. Previous follow-up here.

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