He’s Back, Ctd.

In the next issue of Sports Illustrated, Lee Jenkins has a more traditional story of LeBron James’s return to Cleveland. Much like Jenkins’s nomination of LeBron last year for SI‘s “Sportsman of the Year,” it’s a pretty typical, if harmless, puff piece. It mentions all of LeBron’s flaws as if they were in the rear view mirror, and while that’s much more true now than it used to be and I loved his decision to go back to Cleveland, there’s no need to fall at his feet.

Still, as I tried to emphasize in my reaction yesterday, the one thing we know to be true is that LeBron has done great things for Northeast Ohio and will do even more now. Jenkins has great anecdotes of the joy that abounds there right now. Not just the great but ultimately superficial brand of sports fan joy, but real optimism at many levels. It’s nice to be able to take some time and enjoy that.

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